More November Digs Approved

According to a notice from Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW), the tentative planned second November razor clam opening at Twin Harbors will proceed.   The most recent round of marine toxin testing for Twin Harbors is complete and the results are below the action level. The approved dig dates and low tide times are below.

  • Nov. 26, Saturday, 4:47 p.m.; 0.5 feet; Twin Harbors
  • Nov. 27, Sunday, 5:24 p.m.; 0.2 feet; Twin Harbors
  • Nov. 28, Monday, 5:59 p.m.; -0.1 feet; Twin Harbors

The proposed opening at Long Beach will NOT be included as domoic acid levels continue to persist above the action level.  Any digging at Long Beach will be DELAYED until further notice.

Please check our dig date and tide table here for all the best up to date information.

Razor Clamming Open on Three Beaches

After marine bio toxins closed several early season digs, and threatened closures on upcoming dig dates, beginning today, recreational razor clamming will finally be open on three beaches for the following three days.

The upcoming dig is approved on the following beaches, dates and evening low tides:

  • Nov. 17, Thursday, 8:37 p.m.; -1.3 feet; Twin Harbors, Copalis, Mocrocks
  • Nov. 18, Friday, 9:28 p.m.; -0.8 feet; Twin Harbors, Copalis, Mocrocks
  • Nov. 19, Saturday, 10:22 p.m.; -0.1 feet; Twin Harbors, Copalis, Mocrocks

We hope you have a safe and successful dig.

Be sure to check out our website for additional information.

Happy Clamming!


Toxins Cancel Remaining October Digs

According to a Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) press release razor clam digs that were scheduled to begin on Friday, October 28, have been canceled due to high levels of marine toxins in razor clams.

The promising start to the razor clamming season has encountered issues that are unavoidable. For the safety of razor clamming enthusiasts, the State Department of Health has issued the warning to ensure that we are safe.

The next scheduled digs are set to begin on November 12. Let’s hope that the toxin levels drop in the next couple of week.  The digs will be confirmed a few days prior to that date.

Foiled Again!

According to a press release from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) the highly anticipated upcoming razor clam dig from Nov. 12-16 that was tentatively planned at Twin Harbors and Long Beach, has been canceled due to elevated marine toxin levels.

Our hard working friends at WDFW still hope to move forward with three days of digging from Nov. 17-19 at four Washington ocean beaches, pending the results of further testing for domoic acid.

For those that do not know; Domoic Acid is a natural toxin produced by certain types of algae, and can be harmful, or even fatal, if consumed in sufficient quantities.

Neither Long Beach nor Twin Harbors have met state public health standards for toxins. Those beaches may be approved if testing results for domoic acid come back below the State Department of Health levels.