About Us

The Razor Clam Society is a registered nonprofit organization in Washington State and also included in Washington State’s combined fund drive. Further information can be found here. The Razor Clam Society is a designated 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Our Mission

The Razor Clam Society is a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting recreational razor clamming. We want to celebrate today’s clammers and secure razor clam habitat for the enjoyment of future generations. Our efforts focus on four things: 1) conservation; 2) representing the clamming community to local and state government; 3) connecting local economies to the broader clamming community; and 4) highlighting how much fun responsible clamming practices can be.

  1. We will work with governmental agencies and scientific organizations to promote and communicate responsible razor clamming practices, sustainable harvesting, habitat stewardship, and ocean issues. We want to make this vital information and current razor clam research more accessible to razor clammers.
  2. We will serve as a voice to legislative bodies when called upon to express our opinions about key issues related to razor clamming.
  3. The Razor Clam Society will aggregate information about razor clam digging dates and locations, license fees, harvest statistics, and other vital information. We want to make this information readily available to clamming enthusiasts so that it’s easy to go clamming. The Razor Clam Society will engage with local communities that host razor clamming and razor clam festivals to more widely promote their activities to our membership and the general public. The Razor Clam Society will use its profits to support razor clam related research and management in the form of grants to individuals and organizations.
  4. Responsible clamming is happy clamming. We will feature best practices on our website and in our literature, share recipes, photos and stories, and cultivate a connected community of clammers that will last.

By ardently pursuing these goals, we know the Razor Clam Society can serve the unmet and unaddressed needs of razor clammers, razor clams, and other enthusiasts. No one will have to dig alone and no one will have to dig in the dark—unless they want to, of course.

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120 State Ave. NE, Suite 1014
Olympia, WA 98501-8212