2018-2019 Razor Clam Season is Set to Launch, Tentative Schedule Announced

Welcome back to another amazing Razor Clam season!

Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) has recently put out THIS PRESS RELEASE announcing a TENTATIVE SCHEDULE of digs through the end of December.  The Razor Clam Society will now only post CONFIRMED DIGS on our site, so please check back soon for those CONFIRMED DIG dates, or follow us on social media for notices.

Based on our review of the TENTATIVE SCHEDULE it looks like there are 6 really good weekend sets of digs lined up with mostly nice negative tides.

That intrepid Northwest Spirit will be alive (rain or shine) on the beaches this fall as we enjoy razor clamming with our friends and family.

Don’t forget to put fresh batteries in your headlamps as the fall digs are all at night.

More information coming soon!