Connecting Anthony Bourdain, Alfred Hitchcock, Shellfish & Neurotoxins


This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

This recent article by Scientific American guest blogger and scientist, Douglas Fields, explains the hard science behind the physiological effects of consuming shellfish tainted with marine biotoxins. Mr. Fields entertaining analysis also draws connections between Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, The Birds, the beloved exploits of Anthony Bourdain, marine biotoxins, and shellfish consumption. It’s a fun read, and one that really emphasizes why we need to pay close attention to the hard work of Fish & Wildlife biologists. The marine biotoxin angle, especially, caught our attention.

The Razor Clam Society strives to keep razor clamming enthusiasts up to date on key issues that affect the recreational razor clamming community, recently drawing awareness to a congressional briefing on harmful West Coast Algal Blooms sponsored by NOAA. We look forward to future research about these environmental issues affecting our coasts and our clams.

Donating to the Razor Clam Society is an investment in the future for healthy coasts and sustainable practices. Our goal is to educate, research, promote, and share.

In the short term, the Razor Clam Society promotes clamming on the coasts, which means more tourism to coastal towns and market awareness far beyond it.

In the long term, the Razor Clam Society sees itself supporting the sustainability of coastal tourism by encouraging scientific research and conservation.

Donations to the Razor Clam Society today mean big, positive impacts on coastal communities tomorrow. Increased funding for the Razor Clam Society means we can stay on top of current data, have an active voice in governmental policy, spearhead new research, and better connect clammers to each other.


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