WDFW Seeks Razor Clammer Comments


As previously announced, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) State shellfish managers have provided an email seeking public input on management options, including scheduling for spring digs.

In an exclusive missive with the Razor Clam Society, Dan Ayres, WDFW Coastal Shellfish Program Manager stated, “We’ve chosen not to put an end date on our public comment. We’re asking for comments for winter and spring season setting. So if folks had any comments in by mid December…that would be great.” Ayres further went on to comment, “I’m hoping folks will get a chance to get out and look at the status of populations firsthand before they comment.”

So, razor clam enthusiasts, get out on the beach and dig some razor clams. Send your comments and thoughts to WDFW. Details below:

Comments on the spring digs can be sent via email to: razorclams@dfw.wa.gov.


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