Your Opinion Matters to Razor Clams

Your opinion does matter to razor clams, and the broader razor clamming community. Please see the WDFW message below and follow the link to the Rule Proposal Form to submit your ideas and opinions on razor clam (sportfishing) rule changes for 2017-2018.


Sportfishing Rule Proposal Form

The department’s goal in undertaking this rule-making is to ensure conservation objectives are maintained while simplifying rules and providing for recreational sport fishing opportunity for marine finfish, forage fish, and shellfish in saltwater areas of Puget Sound and coastal Washington.

To propose a sportfishing rule, please fill out this form completely – one proposal or idea per form, please! 

Rule proposals need to reach us by April 30, 2016, to be included in this year’s process.

This year we are requesting proposals that meet the following criteria:

  1. Specific to saltwater areas of Puget Sound or the Coast.
  2. Rules addressing a critical conservation need.
  3. Rules providing significant recreational opportunities that generate economic activity.


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